Privacy Policy

At AvailShop, we care deeply about privacy.

We want to first let you know who we are. We are “Tanya Corporation, an Oregon corporation”, which operates and does business under the name “AvailShop.” AvailShop is a trademark of Tanya Corporation. In this Privacy Policy, when we use the words “we” or “our”, we are referring to Tanya Corporation, an Oregon corporation, and AvailShop.

This Privacy Policy applies to our website, our apps, or any other similar interface that may exist or that we may employ in the future, which we referred to, collectively and individually, as our “Services.”

We reserve the right to change or modify this Privacy Policy in the future, unless prohibited under applicable law. This policy does not apply to the practices of third parties (including manufacturers, vendors, distributors, wholesalers, and other sellers) who are connected or associated with our website, or our apps, but who operate independent of us. We are not responsible for any of those third party’s privacy policies.

By using our Services, you are acknowledged that you have read and understand our Privacy Policy, which is posted in our website, or mobile apps, or identified in our other Services. We strive to keep your information private, but there are details, conditions and exceptions that you should know about that are contained in our Privacy Policy. If you do not wish us to use your personal information in ways that are described in our Privacy Policy, then you should not use our Services.

Please be aware that our Services are intended to be used in the United States and in Canada only, and only for customers in those countries. Please do not use our Services if you are using our services outside of these two countries, or reside outside of these two countries. This Privacy Policy is intended to be in compliance with applicable laws inside these two countries only.

  1. Our Restriction on Using Your Information.

We do not knowingly “sell,” as that term is defined under applicable law, including the California Consumer Privacy Act, your personal information. We also do not “sell” personal information of minors, and our Terms and Conditions contain restrictions and also prohibitions of the use of our Services by minors.

  1. Information that We Collect or Receive

We collect or receive your personal information in a few different ways:

We collect or receive your personal information directly from you, when you are setting up your account or registering with our services. The information may include your name, address, email, telephone-cell-text numbers, username, password, age, gender or birthdate.

We also collect or receive your personal information from the device or browser you use to access the Services. We may use cookies to collect information about how you use our services, and what choices you make in selecting or viewing your prospective and your actual purchases. The type of information that we may collect include your IP address or unique device identifier, cookies, and data about which pages you visit and how you interact with those pages in order to allow us to operate and provide the Services.

We collect your billing and payment information for purchases that you make. The information collect may include the same information you give us when your are setting up or registering with our services, and also includes your billing contact name, address, telephone number, and credit card information.

We collect information from you when and if you choose to post comments on our website and/or apps. Other users of our services may also comment or reply to your comments, and as a result, we may collect information about you from those other users of our services. The type of information is the actual comments and replies.

We collect information from you post or provide us with ratings or reviews about us, and our vendors. The type of information is the actual ratings or reviews. Please use common sense and good judgment when posting information or sharing your personal information that others may see or read when others use our Services

We also may receive information from our vendors and suppliers about you. This information may include customer service interactions, payments information, and shipping information.

We may obtain location information you provide in your profile or your IP address.

  1. How We Use Your Personal Information

We use your personal information in order to provide you with the Services we offer, including processing your information for purchases and for delivering to you those things that you purchased.

We use your personal information to display your comments, reviews and postings, and other comments, reviews and posting that from our other customers that may reference the things that you commented on, reviewed about, or posted.

We may use your personal information to contact you to market our Services. If we contact you through email, you may opt out of email communications.

We use your personal information with our own data analytics software or with such software operated or managed by third parties, for the purposes of ensuring website and app functionality, improving the Services, improving your and other customer experiences, and to better providing you with a more personalized service experience This personal information may include your interactions with us and our Services, such as how often you use our Website and/or apps, the logistics and details of your use of our Website and/or apps, aggregated usage, performance data, errors and debugging information, where the apps were downloaded from, and where the website was used.

We place restrictions of our use of your personal information. Please see the section entitled “Our Restriction on Using Your Information.”

  1. Other Uses of Your Information

On occasion, we may need to contact you or you may wish to contact us, regarding customer service issues. We may keep and maintain a record of such communications.

We may transfer and/or provide third parties with your personal information when it is required under applicable law.

We may transfer and/or provide third parties with your personal information when it is deemed reasonable to us (at our reasonable discretion) to keep our Services safe and secure, and/or to prevent or report fraud or illegal activities.

We follow generally accepted industry standards to protect the personal information submitted to us. Unfortunately, no method of transmission over the internet or method of electronic storage is 100% secure. Therefore, while we strive to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee its absolute security.

Your account information is protected by a password. It is important that you protect against unauthorized access to your account and information by choosing your password carefully and by keeping your password and computer secure, such as by signing out after using the Services.

We will retain your information only for as long as is necessary for the purposes set out in this policy, for as long as your account is active, or as needed to provide the Services to you.